Disposable Compostable & Biodegradable Glove

  • Biodegradable Glove 1.5

    Biodegradable Glove 1.5

    Key Specifications/Special Features: biodegradable PLA plastic disposable gloves Product Description Made from PLA and Cornstarch, PLA plastic glove with logo printing is fully biodegradable. When disposed, PLA plastic glove with logo printing will be biodegradable as...Read More

  • Biodegradable Glove 1.6

    Biodegradable Glove 1.6

    Our PLA compostable cutlery are also very versatile among different venues. This cutlery is not only great for catering companies, but it is also a wonderful choice for cafes, restaurants, bars, food trucks, and bakeries. Our PLA cutlery comes in clean white, so it can match...Read More

  • Biodegradable Glove 1.7

    Biodegradable Glove 1.7

    1: What’s your products` material? We have two kinds of material which are: 1. 100% biodegradable modified polylactide resin (PLA) 2. 100%biodegradable thermoplastic starch/PBAT resin. All of our products made of this two kind of material. 2: Are you a manufacture? Yes, we...Read More

  • Biodegradable Glove 1.8

    Biodegradable Glove 1.8

    Plastic has gained a bad reputation in the environmentalist world because although it is recyclable, many of these products find their way into our landfills. With the amount of plastics clogging up our waste centers along with the amount that people still use daily, many...Read More

  • Biodegradable Glove 1.9

    Biodegradable Glove 1.9

    PLA plastic is corn-based, instead of abusing crude oil, a nonrenewable resource. PLA is vastly different than ordinary plastic. Using petroleum for regular plastics has a devastatingly negative effect on the environment. Since PLA is made from corn, a renewable resource, its...Read More

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