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What kind of disposable PE gloves are easy to use?
- Nov 15, 2018 -

New material, good transparency, deep embossing, easy to open disposable PE gloves:

Disposable PE gloves are made of polyethylene (PE) blown film, which is heat-synthesized and used on human body surface (this product can not touch the wound surface). It is divided into four specifications: S, M, L and XL. This product is divided into non-sterile and ethylene oxide sterilization. Used to prevent cross-infection between doctors and patients. High quality, durable, antibacterial, tough, hygienic, watertight, corrosion resistant, non-slip texture. Safe and non-toxic. It is tasteless, safe to use, high-temperature seaming technology, good toughness, not easy to break, very convenient to use, and because its surface is processed by concave and convex, it can be prevented from sticking and can be mixed with right and left hands. It is now widely used.

When there is injury, dermatitis or other conditions in the hands of the staff, contact with food by hand is prone to bacterial infection, and serious cases may cause food safety accidents. Wearing a disposable PE glove cover creates a protective barrier between the staff's hands and the food, which not only maintains the health of the staff, but also ensures the hygiene and safety of the processed food. Prevent the direct contact between the bacteria in the hand and the food, causing the food to deteriorate or contaminate, affecting food safety; at the same time reducing the possibility of accidentally being accidentally injured by the machine or tool during the work, and reducing the incidence of injury accidents.

One-time PE gloves unique one-time molding process, dripping water is not leaking, easy to use, surface embossed and non-slip design, oily and slippery items are easy to grip, no need to worry about the food of the hand on the ground, do not worry about soiling the hands when operating, the toughness is not easy Broken, comfortable to wear easily, without tangling the daily oil, chemicals, hair dyes and other opponents. It is widely used in hotel supplies, KFC restaurants, restaurant cuisine, beauty salons, pharmaceutical dispensing, hair salon hair dyeing, paint coating, housework, hotel supplies, food factories and other industries.

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