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What role does color stone tile play in environmental protection?
- Nov 15, 2018 -

In the use of color protection function, color stone metal tile improves the color stability of process design, embodies the advantages of high ultraviolet light and high temperature resistance during sun exposure, and also satisfies the resistance in the processing of multi-layer protection work. Support program. So what role does the metal tile play in environmental protection?

1. The color stone tile is not prone to bursting during the decoration and use of the house, and it can also reduce the color loss in the contraction performance of the house.

2. Color stone tile has the function of preventing flame spread in the technical process of transportation installation. In the design of various colors and styles, it also satisfies the technical process of negative pressure in different building items, greatly reducing the natural environment. Pollution phenomenon.

The use of colored stone metal tiles is not only beautiful, but also has many advantages. Today, the use of colored stone tiles in housing construction has already occupied most of the market.

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