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Why color stone tile color is not easy to fade
- Nov 15, 2018 -

Color stone metal tiles become an important part of the roofing material, which can achieve such an effect. It is meant to be used for a period of time without fading, to maintain that bright color for a long time, to improve the aesthetics of the entire building, why is this effect? ?

High heat resistance: color stone metal tile is used for building construction, which improves the environmental protection of the house and plays a high resistance heat function. The reinforcement of the heated material is unfavorable, the color phenomenon disappears, and the advantages of light weight and durability are enhanced. The industry effectively prevents the occurrence of damage from storms. The hybrid structure is sturdy and reduces the phenomenon of ultraviolet radiation too severe: the unique function of the non-ferrous metal masonry wood structure, the reinforcement of the wooden structure villa can prevent the support gravity from being too high, resulting in the substance The collapse of conditions, the use of structural reinforcement, can prevent the use of materials.

We can conclude from the above that colored stone metal tiles can not disappear for a long time, it is these reasons that led to the continued increase in sales of colored stone, increasing the aesthetic of the building group, so we can use, the diversity of decorative effects The final result of the entire building now.

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