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Are Pe Gloves Used For Medical And Food Purposes?
- Nov 15, 2018 -

Pe gloves are made of new material polyethylene, with good toughness, strong pulling force and strong bearing capacity. Hemp pattern: surface embossing process, non-slip wearable, non-slip, anti-bacterial: effectively prevent bacteria and reduce bacterial transmission. Protect your hands from health, no added: no toxic, no added, no harm caused by chemicals such as additives. Pe gloves are divided into two materials, one is produced using low-pressure HDPE material, the other is produced using high-pressure LDPE material, and of course a material LLDPE, commonly known as linear material mixed production.

Because of its high quality and low price, pe gloves are easy to use and have many uses. They are mainly divided into two types, which are used in the medical and food industries.

Medical pe gloves are produced by mixing LDPE and LLDPE. The surface is treated by concave and convex, which can prevent adhesion. It can be mixed with right and left hands. It is economical, waterproof, oil-proof, anti-bacterial, acid and alkali resistant. It is very clean and harmless to the body. It is fast, practical, economical and hygienic. It is mainly used for nursing, dental examination, first aid, physician examination and protection, inspection, pharmacy, laboratory, etc. We have millions of skin particles and bacteria on our palms. Grease and salt. In daily or work to prevent the spread of these pollutants to sensitive products, and to protect our hands clean and hygienic, especially in the doctor's care, inspection, first aid, health protection, wearing gloves can prevent doctors and patients Cross infection between.

Food pe gloves are produced using low-pressure HDPE and LLDPE materials. They are of good quality, environmentally friendly, protect hands and reduce the risk of handling the hands. They are passed the food-grade hygiene test report, which is hygienic and comfortable, easy to wear and easy to take off. It is convenient and quick to use, suitable for food industry, household cleaning, barbecue picnic, hotel restaurant, garden cleaning, eating and dining, etc. It is an indispensable product for hand protection and prevention of cross-infection. When used in household chores, it can isolate oil stains, effectively prevent skin infections, corrosion of cleaning agents, and keep skin delicate.

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