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Judging Whether Disposable PE Gloves Are Toxic
- Nov 15, 2018 -

Disposable PE gloves are a kind of protective gloves that are important to us. However, many manufacturers on the market only care about their own interests. Using some bad raw materials, the processed gloves are toxic. We should pay attention to this. If the quality of the gloves is not toxic, but if some of the inferior recycled materials used are certainly toxic, some inferior materials are recycled plastic bottles, plastic bags for synthesis, this contains impurities, very It may be toxic. Long-term exposure to gloves produced using this type of material is uncontrollable and may be harmful to health.

When we buy disposable PE gloves, don't be cheap, because in this case, the quality is not good, even if you buy a bad product, you can't say anything more. In order to let everyone use healthy gloves, be sure to use the following Point to measure.

(1) Look. Look at the surface of the glove for uniform color. If there is a black spot, the glove has impurities and the quality is not good.

(2) Touch. You can touch the rubber gloves by hand to feel the feel. The good gloves feel very smooth and soft, and the inferior gloves feel rough and hard.

(3) Smell. Good gloves may have some plastic taste, but inferior gloves may have a pungent or even stinky taste. Do not buy such gloves.

(4) Pull. Pulling the glove by hand is to check the elasticity of the glove. The good high and low pressure gloves will not deform after pulling, and the elasticity is strong, and immediately restore the original state, and the inferior glove will be deformed after being pulled, and it is difficult to restore the original state.

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