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Note On Plastic Caps
- Nov 15, 2018 -

1) The holding method is to hold the glass part with the middle finger and the ring finger to maintain stability, and press the rubber head with the thumb and forefinger to control the inhalation or dropping amount of the reagent.

2) When the plastic pipette is filled with liquid, it cannot protrude into the container, and it cannot touch the container. It should be suspended vertically 0.5 cm above the container.

3) Can not be inverted, and can not be placed on the desktop. It should be inserted into a clean bottle or in a test tube.

4) Wash off immediately after use. It is strictly forbidden to take another reagent without washing. The dropper on the dropper bottle does not need to be cleaned.

5) The rubber cap and the glass dropper should be tightly combined and airtight. If the rubber cap is aging, it should be replaced in time.

6) When the plastic dropper drops a toxic or corrosive liquid into the test tube, the tip of the dropper allows access to the inner wall of the test tube.

7) The plastic dropper is often used with the measuring cylinder.

8) If the dropper is equipped with a dropper, the dropper is dedicated to the dropper and cannot pick up other liquids. Do not cross-use or rinse with water.

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