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Why Use Disposable Gloves?
- Nov 15, 2018 -

Disposable PE gloves are the first choice for JMs who focus on hand care and skin sensitivity. This glove has a very large effect. It is a good helper for us to do housework. Many friends who work in the bank use it to count money, which can effectively protect their hands. Wearing such gloves for food sales is both clean and hygienic. In short, we can develop its use according to our daily needs. The quality of the gloves is very good. If it is not special for hygiene, such as finished food sales, it can be used for sanitation cleaning. This is the best use. A box of gloves can be used for a long time. The skin of the opponent is very good. The protection, whenever and wherever we can proudly show our hands, disposable gloves can be used for food processing, housekeeping, sanitary care, labor protection, machine repair, paint painting and so on.

First, bid farewell to breakage: disposable gloves are made of new material PE, bearing strength and toughness, ensuring quality, more durable

Second, bid farewell to the stains: thick anti-skid, bid farewell to oil stains away from stains, sophisticated workmanship, demanding quality, quality products

Third, easy to use: tearing edge design, easy to use, how much to take, orderly

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