Plastic Caps

Products are widely used in household, hotel, restaurant, food, chemical, electronic, pharmaceutical, beauty salon, hotel, nursing and washing etc, variety complete, the application is very extensive
  • 28mm Plastic Cap

    28mm Plastic Cap

    We have been operating in China and international plastic markets since 2000, providing services for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies etc. We located in Shandong Province which closed to the Qingdao and Shanghai port, with convenient transportation. For many years...Read More

  • 18mm Plastic Cap

    18mm Plastic Cap

    ZIBO LAIXU is a worldwide supplier specialized in plastic caps, such as cosmetic jars caps, glass bottles caps, glass jars caps, glass vials caps , glass essential oil bottles caps, perfume bottles caps, perfume atomizers caps, glass dropper caps etc. We supply every industry...Read More

  • Child Resistant Dropper Caps

    Child Resistant Dropper Caps

    Glass Child Resistant Droppers allow for easy storage and measured distribution of precious medications. Control is paramount when dispensing your medicine, whether that be oils, tinctures, or other solutions. Featuring the classic ingenuity of the dropper design, these glass...Read More

  • Regular Dropper Cap

    Regular Dropper Cap

    ZIBO Laixu offers a wide selection of glass dropper caps for a variety of uses. These glass droppers are compatible with our Boston round bottles of various sizes. Glass droppers are ideal for dispensing products that require small amounts to be used at a time such as...Read More

  • Disc Caps

    Disc Caps

    applying force on the finger pad, the disc of the cap opens and allows the product to flow through the orifice. This enables the product to be dispensed single-handedly thus increasing customer convenience. The disc is fitted into the top of the body which, when actuated,...Read More

  • Mist Sprayer

    Mist Sprayer

    Frapak Packaging has been a whole sale supplier finger sprayers for many years.The Fine Mist Sprayers or Spray Pumps are used to disperse a cloud of small droplets. The amount of product and the quality of the spray are determined by the fine mist pump; it is therefore a very...Read More

  • Trigger Sprayer

    Trigger Sprayer

    Trigger sprayers are generally made from polypropylene (PP) plastic and can be used for general use (water, cleaning solutions) or chemicals. Trigger sprayers are available in a variety of colors, which can be used to identify different products in the bottles. The nozzle can...Read More

  • Lotion Pump

    Lotion Pump

    Our lotion pumps for dispensing applications can be manufactured to work as a ‘lock up’, ‘twist lock’ or ‘lock down’ device. These pumps are made up of pistons, pump chambers, pump heads and collars. They can be designed to deliver different outputs of liquid for a single...Read More

  • Poly Cone Cap

    Poly Cone Cap

    Phenolic (Poly cone) Caps offer a tight, secure seal for vials, jars, bottles, etc., making them the perfect choice for volatile products like essential oils, perfumes, flavorings and various liquid products, especially when maintaining freshness is a concern. At Burch Bottle...Read More

  • Treatment Pumps

    Treatment Pumps

    Our treatment pumps readily dispense your product at a rate of 190 mcl per stroke. The smooth cap looks sleek and stylish when paired with your selected bottle. The included dip tube can be cut to fit for perfect sizing. This pump is not food grade and is not intended to be...Read More

We are professional plastic caps manufacturers and suppliers in China, providing plastic products and PE disposable products made in China with competitive price. Please feel free to wholesale discount plastic caps in stock here from our factory.